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for showing us this. >> you're welcome. >>> two insane dash cam videos from russia. the first one, the driver is listening to the cure's "close to me" and titled "second birthday." you're about to see why. >> whoa! >> oh, my goodness. >> no kidding. the driver, obviously, on a wet road. the semi truck swerves into his lane sending him in the direction of two oncoming semis. >> that's a scary sight when he goes over into oncoming traffic. you see the two trucks side by sidep. good thing he was in the car he was in. >> i like to think he's in a real skinny car. if he was in a big suv. >> forget it. >> he would have ran out of room. >> notice how the two oncoming trucks the red one swerved in the direction of the other truck which you can only imagine meant they two collided with each other right behind him. insane. if in this second video, honestly all i can say is holy beep. look closely at the road up ahead. >> whoa! is. >> where the heck was that guy going? he was shot out of a cannon. >> out of nowhere this other car obviously driving incredibly fast, comes in cuts him off and ends up slamm
, again. we're going to begin with this is russia. >> the emergency vehicle just kept going? >> i'm going fake on this one, because the ambulance doesn't even slow down. >> i say fake too. >> what, no -- >> i think you're right, i think it's fake. the siren is so loud, why doesn't the guy hear the siren. >> i'm going with real. >> it's a tie. >> let's see what happens with this video, this is a serious video, i understand, real ghosts caught on video. unfortunately this video is of a fatal accident. >> i don't even need to see the video on this one to see it's fake. it's a reflection or somebody walking by the car, it's not a dpoes, c ghost, can we at least say that. >> i think that's behind a windshield, and that's just somebody walking by. >> i would not be surprised if it was a goes, but i don't think this one was. >> i don't want to believe it's real. who takes the scene of a fatal crash, and doctors it up like this. >> it's just interpretation. they're not necessarily faking it, people just interpret it as a ghost. >> it's not possible. >> the last video, the possessed cat. real, cat
book -- facebook bought it last year. >>> it is now the law in russia, u.s. families are no longer allowed to adopt russian children. the law was signed into law today. it is in retaliation of u.s. law for human right abusers there. a crushing blow for would-be parents here. a hopeful mom spoke about the 3- year-old she is waiting for. >> i love my daughter very much. i miss her. so i want to be reunited with her. and i want to bring her home. >> adoption agencies are protesting the ban in hopes adoptions in progress may go forward. >> reporter: come january 1st, new state law expected to make it easier for women to use sperm donors to get pregnant. it was crafted with single women and same sex couples in mind. it will allow them to wave strict federal testing restrictions when receiving sperm from a known donor. critics argued that the current rules discriminate against woman who do not have intimate male partners. >>> a bay area lawmaker is trying to stop drunk drivers from repeating their mistakes. a tougher law introduced had this afternoon would require ignition locks. >> one
a happy dog. you can see his tail wagging. >>> in russia, told to move your car, you move your car. or else they will move it for you like this. >> oh, geez. >> apparently this car wasn't supposed to be there. >> oh, my goodness. >> they grabbed it with one of the crushing cranes and they just picked it up and repositioned it to the back of this truck. drop and done. >> that's like the extreme version of putting the orange boot on somebody's car. >> except this one really hurts. >> i feel bad for the owner of this car because they're going to come out and they're probably going to say where's my car and report it stolen. >> this would be shocking for the owner of the car. i have another video that will also shock you. dash cam video from this car captures a moment that will leave you wondering what? >> oh. oh, no. >> oh, my! >> a truck carrying a bunch of cows tips over, dumping all these cows on the road. check out the cows. right? look at how smoothly they all just get back up and walk away like nothing happened. >> poor little guys. they come flying out of there, hooves straight
everybody out of there safely. >>> nature. you got to love it. >> dash cam video we think from russia. look what this guy catches on his dash cam. >> whoa! it is like a tunnel of birds and they all fly away just as his carer passes through. >> these birds warning this driver don't go where we just came from, buddy. there is something bad back there. >> we found yummy grass seed and there is a car. we are going to get out of the way. hello car. >> these guys were trying to give the driver a really cool show. >> what happened to this guy when he got to the end of that long boring road? or whoever found his dash cam was able to upload the video. >>> i impressed you with this wonderful nature video. i think i will impress you with this second video shot in canada. and it is negative 40 degrees outside. >> this is what happens when you throw rapidly boiling water into minus 40 degree temperature. >> no. >> it became snow. the science behind this is when you have rapidly boiling water when you toss it into the air it breaks into droplets and cold air is dense so there is not enough room for the w
the government has consolidated the country's chemical weapons into one or two locations. >>> according to russia's foreign minister, weapons had been scattered around the country. u.s. has expressed fears the government might use the weapons. >>> in the vatican city pope benedict granted his former butler a pardon today. he was arrested in may after vatican police found what they called an enormous stash of private papal documents in his apartment. he gave the documents to a journalist because he thought exposing quote the evil and corruption in the vatican would put the church back on the right track. he was released just two months into his 18-month sentence. >> three people are facing murder charges in connection with a deadly home explosion in indiana last month. the blast happened in indianapolis on november 19th. the explosion and fire killed two people and damaged more than 30 homes can had to be demolished. investigators believe the homeowners blew up the home in hopes of collecting some $300,000 in insurance. prosecutors say they filled the house with gas. >> it would require six to nin
by the state, and may lose federal funding. >>> russia's president is expected to sign into law a bill that bans american families from adopting russian orphans. the dire reality for those who don't find a home. >> reporter: a determined set of eyes. >> i just love clothes. >> reporter: a patient hand. 18-year-old julie rally has a dream. in her life sketch, she is a fashion designer. >> a thing about going to konyata college. they have a wonderful two year program for fashion. >> reporter: in 2001, julia was an orphan in russia. >> she was so small at that time, i could carry her through the airport myself on my hip. >> people in the orphanage would get kicked out at 15 and 16, and you're basically on the streets. no good, and you're trying to make as much money as you can, but it's very little. most of the children end up being poor. >> reporter: today, protesters in moscow were arrested after russian parliaments upper house voted unanimously to ban americans from adopting russian children. it was seen as a retaliation for a sank against russian's human rights violaters. >> kids are
in the hospital. russia said president ashad may not be able the to defeat the weather. >>> and in london, a coroner reported that the nurse caught in the prank about the royal pregnancy had committed suicide by hanging. nurse jacintah saldahna apparently left a note behind. >>> city leaders announced a peace at home campaign just in time for the holidays when domestic violence tends to rise. george gascon says there's been a sharp rise in domestic violence cases. he says they've almost toweled in the past few years. >> no social boundaries. it impacts all of us. >> reporter: the campaign is being supported by shelters for women and will feature buses on munni buses. >>> the x factor judge calls it quits. >>> plus parts of southern california inundated. the rare combination of events that brought this flooding today. >> chilly weather here tonight. bill martin is tracking how long that will last and the best chance for rain. >> and a reminder that you >>> it was the highest tide of the year today in california. this was the scene this morning along the embarcadero during the so called kin
of letters and manufactures in paris. the letter was written near the end of the invasion of russia. >>> the stars were out for kennedy honors. president barack obama congratulated the people. among the hopbrys, david letterman, -- the honorees david letterman. >> on a personal note i will never forget, buddy, playing "skeet home chicago" in this -- "sweet home chicago" in this room and a few others forcing me to sing along can which was just okay. he joked with the led zeppelin members saying he appreciated them not trashing the rooms at the white house. >>> our storm watch coverage continues. the effects felt throughout the south bay. >> one bay area driver, he earns a tough lesson. what he was trying to avoid when he drove right into this mess. >> a reminder to get ktvu news to go >>> this treetopelled on top of a toyota prias. as you can see from this photo the entire tree, roots and all, fell over, bringing with it part of the sidewalk there. >>> the southbound also got a real soaking. matt keller continues our storm coverage where drivers were caught off guard. >> reporter: l
. the prime minister formally sent condolences and said russia's thoughts are with the victims' loved ones. >> in rio de janeiro set a memorial. >> british prime minister offered condolences to the parents, saying, quote: it's heartbreaking to think of those who had their children robbed of them at such a young age when they had so much life ahead of them. people gathered in golden gate park to reflect on the tragedy. some people lit candles. others wrote notes to the victims' families while others simply cried. our coverage covers throughout the newscast. coming up at 10:30 we'll have a live report from newtown, connecticut. >>> we have developing news tonight in san francisco where a standoff is now underway with a man and possibly a hostage. that has led to the evacuation of a residential building where the man is hold up. jade hernandez is live at california and larkin with late details. jade? >> ken, police say a man who's threatening he has a weapon is refusing to come outside his apartment. traffic is being diverted from california to larkin and the streets between larkin and hyde a
rights activists accuse authorities of not doing enough to stop crimes against women. >>> in russia, a volcano has erupted. it's become a popular tourist attraction. the lava and ash are flowing from the volcano's sides. >> san francisco's car hailing app company won a victory against the new york taxi industry. they announced an agreement with a one year pilot program that allows passenger and drivers to connect with the app. the app has its own pricing structure. >> think your teenager doesn't use marijuana? the staggering results of a new survey. plus. >> we lose this building. we'll lose the neighborhood. >> helping at risk youth, but for how much longer? >> >>> an oakland organization that helps at-risk youth is facing eviction from a historic building that was built in the late 1800s. paul chamber tells us why. >> reporter: liberty hall has sat at the intersection of 8th and chester street in west oakland. the building is on the national register of historic places. inside the building is used to better the community. >> we provide services to at- risk youth. particularly in t
this morning. let's keep going. because if she doesn't finish the training she can't go to russia. >> it may not matter. a new law today signed by vladimir putin bans all adoptions by american families. there appears to be no exceptions for families already adopting but some are holding out hope. >> she's trying to be very optimistic, she's saying no i'm sure it's going to happen. and i'm sitting here thinking, oh my gosh, i'm sure this might not happen. >> reporter: agencies across the country like adopt international and domestic services are trying to figure out how to proceed. there's an online petition and they're contacting families trying to start a letter writing campaign. they say something needs to be done. >> then what happens to the kids that were told i'm your mommy i'm coming to get you? then they don't come. >> reporter: the agency has two other families going through the process who's class was scheduled in february. for now that class has not been cancelled. in san francisco, ann rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now on u.s. reaction. the state department announce
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12